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This site is for the game "Fantasized Adventures".

Here you will be able to view the rules online, download the rules and visit the world of Bakara.

I started playing fantasy role-playing games over twenty-five years ago.  I was not satisfied with the rules that were available back then.  So I decided to write my own set.  Over the years I have changed and refined them to the ones found here.  hen I retired I began to prepare a finished copy of them.  These you will find on this site.  I am also placing my fantasy world Ba`Kara on this site.  I will be updating this site at as time permits

The final version of Section A to I with artwork is now available for download.  If you do download them please take the poll near the bottom of the page.  Thank you for visiting my humble site.

Click here to view the rules online.

Click here to download the rules.

Click here to visit the world of Ba`Kara.

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